How To Boost Your Immunity For the Pandemic

We are living in a 100-year pandemic and just had a 150-year winter storm. It’s likely our living condition will become increasingly more unpredictable. More important than ever, we need our stellar immune system for protection. Let’s talk about why our immune system is not at its best and how to enhance it.

Dehydration:  Even if you drink the recommended “8 glasses of water”, without movement and exercise, it’s hard to push hydration into your tissues. To remedy this problem, it’s important to drink a big glass of water with a squeeze of lemon and some sea salt to replenish the water and minerals first thing in the morning and do some gentle movements and stretching throughout the day.

Mental stress:  Nothing depresses our immune system like stress.  Stress causes the body to produce an array of hormones including cortisol which decreases white blood cells count, depletes our adrenal glands, and causes hormonal imbalance. This can lead to insomnia, heart disease, insulin-resistance and other chronic conditions.  It’s important to pay attention to your mental and emotional state daily.  Incorporate positive activities that calm you or bring you happiness such as meditation, reading, or being in nature.  

Poor Diet:  Having processed or fast food may be convenient.  However, the synthetic chemicals, sugar, and seed oils added are detrimental to our gut health and cause not only GI distress but also depression and anxiety.  Keep a daily log of your diet and eat as much whole foods as possible.   

Unfortunately, our air, water, and environment are full of toxins.  New chemicals are being released into the environment continuously. The good news is, it’s now possible to beat these toxic assaults with technology.  PEMFozone therapycryotherapyhyperbaric oxygen chambers have all been proven to have significant positive effects on immune health. These treatments can jump start your recovery and energize you to make the healthy lifestyle changes.  Our Chronic Pain and Inflammation Treatment Center was created to help move the needle in this chronic health crisis.  

Please visit our any of our services to see what MiraZone can do for you, or contact us (713) 485-6108 for more information.

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